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Pricing for Custom Order Cookies

Minis - Starting at $38/dozen with a

2 dozen minimum. 1-4 shapes and 1-6 colors. These make a perfect addition to my regular sets of cookies. 

**There is only a 1 dozen minimum if ordered with one of the sets below.**

Basic - $60/Dozen

Includes 1-4 shapes and 1-4 colors

Single Words/Names, Simple Design, Minimalistic Theme

Detailed - $68/Dozen

Includes 1-6 shapes and 1-6 colors.

Phrases, Lettering, Watercolor, Florals, Minimal Metallics, Multiple Names (as in a team, class, etc.)

Intricate - $78/Dozen

Includes 1-8 shapes and 1-10 colors.

Logos, Primarily Metallic, Intricate 

Design, Lots of Detail

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